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Campus Sutra is a youth brand for apparels and accessories based on a slice of life of a young person in India.

At Campus Sutra, we believe in the style of individuality. And our range of cool graphic merchandise, not only extends our thought but also reflects the quirk and modernity of today’s generation. And today’s college youth is far more evolved than ever; they’re exuberant, eccentric, opinionated and yet liberal at the same time. Today’s music reflects the music they listen to, and vice versa; they’re fashion-conscious and fitness-conscious as well. We aim to bring that out through our work that builds conversations around the slice of life of the youth today. We’re invested in creating fashion that moves fast, and that’s not heavy on your pockets, so you get the best of both- quality and value for your money

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"I have used all the branded jerseys from Nike, Adidas to the low cost ones. The branded ones always stand out because of the comfort and feel you get. This Indian brand started by four people has reached that level of comfort with this product. When I first wanted to buy I was little skeptical but then I decided to give a shot seeing all the good reviews for an Indian brand. Trust me Campus Sutra is the future. Am sure in coming years they will be right there at the top with such quality at such a low cost. Definitely buy. Good for gym, running and also casual outings. Looks are great as well as you can see from the pictures."